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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 7, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. american pharoah rules. >> the 37-year wait is over! >> racing into history. >> american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> the stunning victory at belmont in front of a roaring crowd. what's next for this mighty champion? we're live at the track this morning. prison break. the massive manhunt happening right now. two convicted killers busting out of a maximum-security prison. >> they are dangerous. >> how they did it, right out of a movie script, and the taunting note they left behind. what's being done to get these murderers back behind bars. hero driver. the quick-thinking bus driver who helped collar a suspected kidnapper. >> the bus driver is a hero.
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absolute hero. >> spotting a little boy snatched from his mother. his clever plan to deliver the suspect right to the cops. and picture perfect. the first sweet shots of princess charlotte and big brother prince george just adorable. can you guess who took these precious pictures? hey, good morning, everybody. we're following two major stories right now, including that manhunt in upstate new york, involving the fbi and hundreds of local law enforcement authorities. >> all of them are hunting these two convicted killers. who used an elaborate plan to escape a maximum-security prison. involving power tools, tunnels and even a good-bye note. telling authorities to quote,
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have a nice day. >> much more on that story coming up. but we're going to start with this electric and momentous victory on the racetrack, american pharoah racing into history, as the first horse to capture the triple crown in 37 years. >> of course, the last horse to do that was affirmed way back in 1978, look at that almost black and white video. as "the new york times" has pointed out this morning america has elected five presidents and fought three wars since then, but that long, losing streak is broken, and we want you to look at this picture tweeted out by the jockey, victor espinoza, giving american pharoah a big kiss after that race. let's get it out to ron, who was right there trackside, overnight, a witness to history. ron, good morning. >> reporter: the outcome wasn't really a surprise and the race wasn't really close, but it was still exciting. the atmosphere here really electric as american pharoah ended that long, long triple crown drought. >> they're off in the belmont
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stakes! >> reporter: american pharoah simply dominated the belmont stakes, the 3-year-old colt hesitating out of the gate but then he raced to the front of the field of eight and he and jockey victor espinoza never looked back. >> and it is american pharoah who leads! >> reporter: at the one-mile mark he began to pull away, and then down the stretch, american pharoah opening up and racing into horse racing history, winning by a comfortable 5 1/2 lengths as the crowd of 90,000 roared. >> american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> a special horse. >> reporter: special indeed, american pharoah is known for his imperfections. he wears cotton in his ears so he doesn't get distracted during a race. and a piece of his tail is missing, bitten off by another horse. but none of that mattered as he captured first the kentucky derby last month, and two weeks later, winning preakness easily.
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and then yesterday, the test of champions, the grueling mile and a half belmont. where so many triple crown dreams have died. for american pharoah, it was a no contest. >> the fact that this horse could accelerate down the lane is really, really mind-boggling. >> in order for you to come and win the triple crown you have to define greatness, he does everything so easy. >> reporter: giving veteran trainer bob baffert his first triple crown in his fourth attempt. >> i was prepared for somebody coming. i was hoping for once, and all i did was just take in the crowd. >> american pharoah is finally the one! >> reporter: american pharoah doing what no other horse has done since affirmed 37 years ago. >> we all wanted it. we wanted it for this sport. so, i'm happy for the horse, for the fans and for this man. >> and how much is american pharoah worth?
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we have heard estimates anywhere from $20 million to $100 million and the 90,000 fans here yesterday, they didn't do badly, 9 million was bet to win on american pharoah. that translates to about $5.5 million won by people here in this crowd. you may be wondering what next for american pharoah? he's going to ship out later this morning to churchill downs to rest but his owner says he'll race again this year. dan and paula >> so cool. ron, you bet a little bit as well. we'll talk to you about that later in this show. we're going to move on now to the other big story of the morning, history of a very different kind. for the first time in 150 years, an audacious escape from a maximum security prison. the manhunt is on right now for these two men. both doing life for murder. they're both now on the loose and considered extremely dangerous. we're going to speak exclusively with the governor in a moment.
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but first, let's go to abc's phillip mena who's on the scene. >> reporter: dan, good morning. at the top of the hill there is the prison. the killers crawling through the sewers and emerging from a manhole at the end of the block there. it was a dramatic escape in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood. this morning, an all-out manhunt for two killers on the loose. u.s. marshals, the fbi, along with local officers setting up roadblocks. searching with canines, helicopters and going door to door. >> be on the lookout for two escapees from the clinton county correction facility. >> reporter: a desperate search for these two men, richard matt and david sweat, behind bars for killing a sheriff's deputy. somehow escaping this fortress,
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new york's largest maximum-security prison. >> they are dangerous. >> reporter: the men last seen at bedtime late friday night, in neighboring cells, discovered missing at bed-check. guards finding sweaters stuffed underneath the covers. the murderers' escape stunning. the men apparently cutting their way through concrete walls, carving through brick walls and steel crates. using power tools. the men somehow obtained without the guards' knowledge. scaling six stories of prison pipes before emerging in a city sewer. outside the prison walls. >> we don't know how they acquired the tools. >> reporter: this morning, residents in the area on edge. >> they're on pins and needles right now. >> reporter: now waiting for these two killers behind this calculated escape to make a mistake. which will lend them back behind bars. that will the hope here, they'll be caught soon. as you can see this morning, this neighborhood is still being
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guarded by armed officers. dan? >> phillip mena, thank you. let's go now to the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, ginning us exclusively on the phone this morning. you skipped the belmont stakes yesterday and traveled up to the prison to trace the escape route. did they have outside help to obtain the power tools? >> there were a number of contractors who are working in the facility to improve it, and that's what we're going through now, but it was a really sophisticated operation. >> how could they use these power tools in a maximum-security prison without anybody hearing them? >> well, that's -- i chatted with a couple of the inmates myself. you must be a very heavy sleeper, they were heard, they had to be heard. they're going through steel, they're then in a series of catwalks.
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remember 1865, the building was built. it has an infracture of metal catwalks behind the cells. they worked their way down four stories from the catwalks. shimmying down pipes. they cut into the steel pipe. they shimmied through a steam pipe, which, if it's 24 inches, it's wide, they come up from a manhole cover, about a block from the prison wall. >> these men committed brutal, brutal crimes, have you spoken at all with the families of the victims and do we know how they're doing this morning? >> we're reaching out to the families of the victims and you're exactly right, dan, the first order of business is to get these killers back, because this was the first breakout since 1865 and i want to make sure that it's the last.
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>> governor andrew cuomo, we thank you for your time this morning. and paula, the governor also spoke about the fact that the inmates left behind a note saying, have a nice day. when they capture them, they're going to give them back that note. >> how did nobody hear them? how did they know the inner workings of that prison? >> lot of questions to be asked about security inside that prison. >> thanks, dan. we want to turn to that severe weather, 30 million americans in the crosshairs for heavy rain and winds. rob has more. we had flooding rains yesterday. and severe weather funnel cloud outside the university of south dakota yesterday. more of this activity today. pretty wide range of severe weather today. got a complex of thunderstorms moving through northern illinois and parts of wisconsin this morning. that will weaken as it gets to
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chicago. then, it will refire things up. the storm system is on the move. but the bull's-eye is south side chicago. in through indianapolis today. tomorrow off to louisville and to the east coast and pittsburgh. tracking hurricane blanca the eye closing. it will impact in some cases the u.s. >> rob, thank you. presidential politics is usually a blood sport. but check out this event in boone, iowa. it involved seven republican candidate candidates including barbecue. abc's jon karl is in washington, just back from that event, it looked like they were having fun out there, but this is really a crowded, complicated race right now. >> it sure is. by the way one of the few republican events where you see a lot of leather and tattoos, dan. but overall, we had a poll on this, seven-way tie for first place among republicans running for president. so, it's a total muddle out there. scott walker does seem to be the
8:12 am
candidate who has the leg up in iowa. and by the way he was among those seven that were out there at that ride. i had a chance to sit down with him. he was the only one that actually got on a harley and took that ride with joni ernst. >> and as you have said to me earlier, joni's emerging as some of a kingmaker in iowa. jon, thank you. great to have you on this morning. don't miss jon's exclusive interview with the likely 2016 gop presidential candidate, wisconsin governor scott walker, that's coming up on "this week." and martha raddatz is co-anchoring the show today. taking the first cameras inside the nerve center for the fight against isis, even getting a close-up look at drones and missiles. all coming up on "this week" later today right here on abc. >> looking forward to more
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tattoos and leather from jon. >> jon won't be wearing them personally. >> thank you for clarifying there. neither will ryan smith. great to have you back in the studio for ron claiborne who's covering the belmont stakes. >> good morning to all of you. all eyes on germany this morning as the annual meeting of the world powers kicks off. president obama addressed a crowd at the opening of the g7 summit. the crisis in ukraine and greece's mounting debt are top on the agenda. he squeezed in some time to have a beer and pretzels with the locals gathering to hear him speak. before heading to germany, president obama delivered an emotional eulogy for beau biden. the eldest son of vice president joe biden. president obama fighting back tears, remembered beau biden as an original man of character. >> what greater inheritance than to be part of a family that passes on the values of what it means to be a great parent,
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that passes on the values of what it means to be a true citizen. >> an emotional day indeed. the president stepped down from the pulpit offering a warm embrace for the vice president. beau biden died last saturday after a long battle with brain cancer he was 46 years old. take a look at this. two southwest airplanes clipped their wings saturday while taxiing on the tarmac. no one was injured. both were taken out of service for inspection checks. now to that baseball fan who suffered life-threatening injuries after getting hit by a broken bat at fenway park on friday. the woman has been upgraded to serious condition and is expected to survive. carpenter was hit in the head after a bat came flying into the stand. and finally, if you're at a pittsburgh pirates game, think twice before heckling. here's why. michael keaton had some choice
8:15 am
words for a braves fan who thought it was a good idea to heckle this man, andrew mccutcheon. keaton got over it real quick. he posted on instagram this photo. this autographed ball from a.j. burnett. to batman, from batman. the pirates did braves in atlanta, 10-8. you know mefr mess with bat mbaman. >> or birdman. >> batman, birdman. >> i'm not messing with you or you. >> thank you. and now, to the nba finals a record number of you watched game one. now, basketball's two best teams getting ready for a huge game two tonight. >> the cavaliers losing game one of finals to golden state and one of their top scorers, kyrie irving, lebron james now saying that people are writing off cleveland. will they use that as motivation? assume the answer to that is probably yes. that personal playoff record performance by lebron james. >> lebron james with 44 points.
8:16 am
>> reporter: not enough to give cleveland game one. >> game one goes to the warriors. >> reporter: and now the city that hasn't seen a professional sports championship in over 50 years, getting grim news. the team's second leading scorer kyrie irving out for the playoffs after fracturing his kneecap. >> it's a tough pill to swallow. it's a huge blow to our team. i specially at this stage. >> reporter: the four-time mvp now without two of his fellow starters as he tries to contain this year's mvp steph curry. >> beautiful move by steph curry! >> reporter: leading another team rising above the reputation. >> it's going to be tough regardless of who's out there on the roster. >> people are writing us off, so, that's fine. that's fine. i'm motivated to get our guys ready to go. >> reporter: record ratings for game one's ot thriller. brought out the big names. magic.
8:17 am
rihanna. and of course, jimmy kimmel's favorite security guard, guillermo, who i challenged to a limit one-on-one. >> if you make basket give kiss. >> i'll give you a kiss, here we go. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: but for the players on the court, it's all business. >> he set it up that, if you make the basket, he gets the kiss. >> i would do the same for you but you probably wouldn't make the basket. >> ouch. >> it's true, right? >> lower the net a little bit. >> i have to say, one of the biggest story lines, the mvp's daughter, 2-year-old riley curry, she's 2 years old. how much personality does this little girl have? >> what is she listening to on those headphones? >> sara might have the "pop news" investigation into the beats choice. >> i only watch the press
8:18 am
conference because of her. that's funny, because they have been criticized for having the kids in there. >> it's a great way to deflect for the players, too. they won't get hard questions. we want to remind you don't miss game two of the nba finals here tonight at 8:00 eastern. speaking of very cute children, this morning, we have the first photos of the newest royal baby, princess charlotte at home with big brother prince george. >> yeah, only two months into their siblinghood. is that word? >> sure. >> they're getting along rather well. >> i'm a sucker for babies. but these kids are seriously adorable. al the most photographed people over their lives. these snaps are a treat. take a look. could they be any cuter? prince george taking on his first royal duty as doting big brother very seriously. four of the most adorable photos
8:19 am
shot by mom in the family's norfolk home. >> i think we can say that prince george has taken to being a big brother well. giving his little sister a kiss. he's a doting big brother already. >> reporter: the 2-week-old princess charlotte enjoying coulds from george. moments before, prince george mastering the royal wave to well-wishers with his dad, the duke of cambridge. next up for the little princess, her christening. in just under a month. on the queen's sandringham estate. royalty aside, a precious moment captured by a mom of her greatest joys in life. my favorite thing is will and kate constantly talk about giving their kids a normal
8:20 am
upbringing with pretty amazing circumstances. this was a picture that she just took at home. >> she took the photograph. >> part of the normal upbringing is having mom hovering over you with the camera. >> or da. >> absolutely. what's going with plan plan blanca they're prepping for it in mexico. they're taping the windows in caboo san lucas. this eye has been closing, that's good news, so, we're in a weakening stage here. but hurricane watches are up, tropical storm warnings are up. it's heading into cooler waters. we look for the weakening trend continuing. tropical storm winds. some of this moisture will get into the desert southwest.
8:21 am
>> that's your latest weather forecast. i'm going to tape my mouth shut for the next half-hour. >> no. >> never. >> we'll rip it right off. coming up on "good morning america" -- hero row bus driver, how his cool and calm actions behind the wheels saved that boy. and nabbed the alleged abductor. and the high life. a man ditches his good job to live in a very cool tree house. that's in "pop news." >> that's a dream.
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jeanette: good morning. we are taking a look at your top stories. prince george's county police spotted to a motor vehicle crash. the 6300 block of columbia park road. the road was closed. police say five people are trapped in that vehicle. we will bring you more details
8:28 am
as they become available to us. we have jackie with a look at your weather. jackie: a beautiful start this morning. we have patchy craw -- clouds across the region. temperatures 70 degrees downtown. 63 in hagerstown. maybe enough or long sleeves. high temperatures warming through the 70's this morning. about 77 buy lunch. high temperatures in the lower 80's this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. showers and thunderstorms will be likely late tomorrow.
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♪ how you like me now ♪ the wait is over, american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> you have to see it, another look at american pharoah's historic victory, becoming the first triple crown in three decades. a dominating and emotional victory. i have to admit, when i watched it, i got a little misty-eyed knowing that i might never see it again. >> incredible moment. as we mentioned before, lot of people made a lot of money betting on this race. one of those people, ron claiborne. ron, i know you bet. how much did you win?
8:31 am
>> you know, remember, i had that 1978 affirmed bet, $2 win ticket. which i kept as a souvenir. i got $2 win ticket on american pharoah, which i'm keeping as a souvenir, it's worth officially $3.80 and i got a backup one. british call, an heir and a spare. and what's interesting, this has inspired a lot of people grabbing dirt from the track back yesterday. which i understand is selling now for $80 and these $2 uncashed winning tickets, selling right now for $15 and that's just in one day. so, if i could hang on to this for another 20, 30 years, if i should live that long i could be very wealthy. >> a, you'll live that long. and b, you sell it now and buys us breakfast next weekend. >> c, grab some dirt for us. >> i might get arrested trying. >> okay, maybe not. >> ron, thank you very much. great coverage out there.
8:32 am
we're going to switch gears, and turn now to an eagle-eyed bus driver. who's being called a hero this morning. >> he spotted the 3-year-old boy and the suspected kidnapper on his bus. and the driver's quick-thinking helped the police make an arrest. >> reporter: good morning to you. incredible story. that hero bus driver says once he heard the alert about the kidnapping, he zeroed in on the suspect, but he had to keep his cool until he could get the bus to police without tipping off the suspect. >> the bus driver is a hero. >> reporter: this morning, police say this bus driver's quick and calm thinking helped them foil a kidnapping. rescuing a 3-year-old little boy, allegedly abducted from his mother at the milpitas public library in northern california. tim watson said he saw an alert from authorities about a kidnapping suspect on the loose. >> i described a 3-year-old
8:33 am
wearing blue shirt plaid shorts and red crocs. >> reporter: that's when watson concocted a clever plan to deliver the suspect to authorities without alerting the suspect. >> got out and announced i'm looking for a green backpack. i looked over for the bag, i see his red crocs. that was good enough for me. >> reporter: watson went back to the front of the bus and alerted authorities. when they reached the bus station, that's where police said the child was pried from the suspect's arms. they arrested 23-year-old alfonso david eddington, now booked for kidnapping. there's no known connection between the suspect and the child. authorities say the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned on tuesday, watson a father himself, said he simply followed his paternal instincts. so glad he did. an incredible happy ending.
8:34 am
paul and dan, back to you. >> remarkable, aditi. what's even scarier is that as she said, there was no known connection between the little boy and the alleged kidnapping. >> those kinds of kidnappings are exceedingly rare but terrifying. let's get back over to ryan for another look at the headlines. and we begin with the manhunt for two dangerous escaped prisoners in upstate new york. hundredover law enforcement officials are trying to track down richard matt and david sweat. they used power tools to cut through concrete walls to make their escape. a growing migrant crisis. several european naval ships are rushing toward libya, trying to help thousands of migrants stranded at seas. nearly 3500 people were rescued on saturday. and this is how it ended for two ohio teenagers dubbed bonnie and clyde. the two were nabbed in west virginia after this police chase, they face numerous charges in three different states.
8:35 am
and finally, take a look at this action flick with a surprise twist, seth mcmurry coordinated with his brother, filled with special effects. after saving the world with lots of ammo, check it out. he turned to his girlfriend, she turned her back. that's when he pulled out the ring. she said yes. now, they're planning the wedding, which i heard is coming to theaters in 2016. >> how do you follow that up? >> we never do these stories when the woman says no. >> i know. >> yeah. it happens a lot. >> and you know this how? >> how do you know this? speaking from experience. take you to miami, where it's a beautiful place to propose your lady friend. or vice versa. we're in the new millennium.
8:36 am
temperatures there in the 60s, lower 70s. dew points right around 70 degrees. humidity levels are going to feel like they should in miami this time of year. 87 degrees. scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. i think most of the southeast will be dry with the exception of the humidity. upper 80s, lower 90s. it's starting to feel more like it should this time of year. this storm will push off to the east, that warm front will take temperatures from the 60s into the 70s in boston. to near 90 degrees. it will be heating up across the northeast and very warm across the pacific northwest. 107 expected in redding.
8:37 am
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some disturbing images caught on a nanny cam, a burglar making his way around a baby's room. looking for things to steal. >> thankfully, that baby wasn't in its crib. but chilling scenes like these are being captured more and more as surveillance cameras in the home are becoming increasingly common. here is gloria rivera. >> reporter: this morning,
8:42 am
police in riverside, california, looking for this man, caught on this baby monitor rummaging through the baby's room. the infant wasn't there. but watch the thief walking around with his empty loot bags. frightening scenes like this are being recorded in homes more. they're turning into security cameras, catching intruders in the act. >> when it's shared on social media, it really gives everyone a chance to see the person's face, know what's going on in their neighborhood. and kind of act as almost an extra set of eyes and ears for the police. >> reporter: watch as this nanny cam captures an intruder tacking a new jersey mom in front of her daughter. police later captured the alleged intruder who pleaded not guilty in an ongoing trial. or, this would-be burglar busted by a live stream in arizona. >> yes, i'm watching on my surveillance camera from work. >> reporter: the alleged thief even stopping to give out a few doggie treats. as he treats himself to her home. >> my dogs are there.
8:43 am
he's giving my dogs dog treats. >> reporter: the police surrounded the home and took the 22-year-old man, aaron white into custody. now security cameras can even stream to your mobile devices. from the safety of her bedroom heidi watched in horror as 16 cameras streamed right to her ipad captured every move this home intruder makes. >> i'm telling 911 he's in the room next to me. i was trying to whisper and i just kept telling them, please hurry. >> reporter: police are still searching for a suspect, but footage like this will help nab alleged thieves. they can easily cost thousands of dollars. but with nanny cams, you can keep yourself safe for less. for "good morning america," gloria rivera, abc news, washington. >> frightening. you check in on your little guy. >> i do all the time. i'm like the nsa for that baby. >> from the set. 12k3w4r he's a lucky kid.
8:44 am
coming up on "good morning america" -- how would you like to live in this tree house. yes, please. a childhood fantasy coming true. it's straight ahead in "pop news" with sara. ♪ i'm solo ♪ i want a great shape. who doesn't? so i work out. i'm good. i juice. and then there's that other thing. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do.
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♪ ♪ not only can he do the chicken dance, he can also play the drums, rob marciano. thank you. sara haines. >> we're starting with dreams come true. foster huntington ditched his job in the new york city fashion world and decided to build and live in tree house. the pictures say it all. it sits on grassy hill top in
8:48 am
washington state, a gorgeous view. there are actually two tree houses. he's off the grid, but not totally unplugged. staying up to date on social media, of course. one of the coolest features some would say is his very own skate bowl, which is a passion of his. he had a video, 14-minute-long video. you can see his friends, all young guys, constructing everything, skating at lunch. >> only his friends are coming over there. >> well, it's not going to be a chick magnet. but this chick would love the bridge. that's amazing. it's pretty awesome and ditching the fast life for washington state and that view, come on. we're getting the first look of harrison ford after his nasty plane crash, he was spotted in l.a.oing a little shopping the other day, still visible a scar running from his right temple along his forehead. ford gave us all a scare back in
8:49 am
march, when his vintage plane crashed on a golf course he broke his pelvis and ankle. from the looks of that picture, he's doing really well. i mean, now, he earned his indiana jones title. and now, to the young man who apparently couldn't be happier that the news that he's broken his arm. walker clark -- >> max. >> my husband is max. >> walker clark took a hard landing and his arm had to be set. when he woke up he was still a little loopy and that's when things turned hysterical. >> where am i? look at my cast! look at my cast! >> be careful, buddy. >> don't break it again. >> it's like christmas for him. he's so excited.
8:50 am
oh, look at him. it's almost like a double rainbow. you see that? >> incredible. >> incredible. just lower the medication, stat. >> she covers it up and one point, he's like, where did it go? >> oh, my goodness. >> i hope that gets those spirits last through his recovery. because having a broken arm in a cast is not necessarily that fun. but that's looking on the bright side. >> give those meds to max later on. >> my wife, where did she go? okay, so, we know that bon jovi come in all shapes and sizes. check out this 2-year-old who knows a good jam when she hears it. her dad is playing "wanted dead or alive." she knows the ones that count. ♪ wanted ♪
8:51 am
♪ dead or alive ♪ >> that's like me at karaoke. ♪ dead or alive ♪ ♪ dead or alive ♪ >> played it over and over again. >> and sara will be performing next week. >> a reenactment like that. i do that. >> great "pop news" as always. we'll be right back. >> thank you, max. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know. imidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that? ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them.
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and that's all for us this sunday. but coming up soon on "this week," martha raddatz goes u.s. campaign to defeat the terror group isis. first time cameras allowed in. and jon karl sits down with wisconsin governor scott walker. we do want to say good-bye
8:56 am
to ron claiborne, we don't know if he's ever coming back. he has a winning ticket from the belmont. >> maybe. >> thanks for watching. announcer: and abc 7 news update. jeanette: it's sunday, june 7. prince george's county police responded to a motor vehicle crash in hyattsville this morning. it happened around 5:30 this morning. police closed the road for several hours. officials say five people were trapped in the vehicle. we will try to bring you more information as it becomes available.
8:57 am
the eldest son of vice president joe biden has been laid to rest. ella terry leaders and celebrities attended the funeral yesterday for beau biden. former delaware attorney general. president obama described beau biden as a consummate public servant. he died of bring cancer last week at the age of 46. american pharoah won the kentucky derby then he won the preakness stakes and last night american pharoah became the first triple crown winner in nearly 40 years after a dominating performance of the belmont stakes. about 100,000 racing fans were there to witness history in motion. now we have jackie harris with a look at your weather. jackie: a beautiful start. a couple clouds but comfortable temperatures. we have some 60's in the suburbs. 68 in gaithersburg. 67 in annapolis. our forecast for today is going to be a good one. seasonable temperatures.
8:58 am
this is where we should be for this time of year. we rise to the 70's this morning and reach lower 80's with plenty of sunshine by this afternoon. the heat really kicks in temperatures will be in the upper 80's to lower 90's the rest of the work week. our next concern is the threat for thunderstorms in the evening on monday and a few of those could be strong or severe. jeanette: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage.
8:59 am
puerto ricans are us citizizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell t the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
9:00 am
>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business rert"ith abc 7 nation correspondent rebecca cooperer. rebecca: thanks r joining us for this weeks look at what iss making news in whos makiking news. on the show, a former wallll street analyst a and exexecutive. she is here tteach h a new way to listen, lead, or simply do well in the workplace. plus, we will talk about that magic train ridlarry hogan took in tokyo this week. it could be a big boost for business. but will it cost o


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